Hannover, DE / Brimingham, UK / April 2020 / News from Scaffold-Needs.

We are pleased to announce a recent publication on our work in Scaffold-Needs:

Crowe, J. A. and El-Tamer, A. and Nagel, D. and Koroleva, A. V. and Madrid-Wolff, J. and Olarte, O. E. and Sokolovsky, S. and Estevez-Priego, E. and Ludl, A.-A. and Soriano, J. and Loza-Alvarez, P. and Chichkov, B. N. and Hill, E. J. and Parri, H. R. and Rafailov, E. U.

Development of two-photon polymerised scaffolds for optical interrogation and neurite guidance of human iPSC-derived cortical neuronal networks

Lab Chip, 2020, Advance Article

▶ https://doi.org/10.1039/C9LC01209E

The paper was published under open access.


Hannover, DE / Brimingham, UK / February 2020 / New view on laser fabricated scaffolds.

Laser fabricated scaffolds represent an attractive 3D culture platform for the development of in vitro 3D modelling tools in neuroscience.
The image on the right shows a 3D human iPSC-derived neuronal network developed in a laser fabricated scaffold. Green: neurons stained with MAP2 neuronal marker; Blue: DAPI nuclear staining. 70 days in culture.

See the animation here: https://scaffold-needs.eu


[Hannover, DE / Brimingham, UK / September 30th, 2019 / Laser nanoFab GmbH and Aston Universitylaunch Scaffold-Needs website.

After Laser nanoFab GmbH together with the University of Aston successfully started the European funded project Scaffold-Need in August 2019, the official website has now been presented. The website presents the goal of the project and the results. It is continuously updated with relevant information on the research and development project .
You can access the website here: https://www.scaffold-needs.eu


[Hannover, DE / Brimingham, UK / March 20th, 2019 / Laser nanoFab GmbH has had a new proposal selected for funding by the EU through the FET (Future Emerging Technologies) Launchpad scheme in cooperation with Aston University, a partner in EU-funded MESO-BRAIN project.

The FET Launchpad scheme is available only to existing or recently ended FET projects to encourage development of innovative ideas emerging from a project to be accelerated through separate and dedicated, Launchpad funding.

2019 logo meso brainOne of the aims of MESO-BRAIN project is to develop unique biocompatible 3D platform with integrated electrodes that can be fabricated on a large scale and in reproducible manner. The development of such technological platform will be foundational for a new era of biological and medical research based on human neural networks. First prototype 3D scaffold platform concepts designed by Aston University have been already fabricated and tested in the frame of the MESO-BRAIN project.

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